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    Written by Laurie Oddi




    • No jewelry should be worn during class and hair must be pulled away from the face. 
    • Students may not leave class early unless teacher has been notified by parent in advance.
    • Students must be picked up on time after class as we are not equipped to care for any child outside of the classroom.If you see you are running late, you MUST call us to alert us to keep your child inside classroom until pick up.
    • Regular attendance is very important for your child’s progress. 
    • We STRONGLY advise that no cell phones are brought to class or left in hallway.  However, if student chooses to or must bring a cell phone to class, it MUST be turned off for the duration of that class.
    • We are not responsible for lost or stolen items in the dance studio.  Please put your child’s name on all belongings, especially dance shoes.
    • Absolutely NO gum chewing in studio.
    • No food in studio at any time.
    • Students must arrive on time for class and in proper uniform at all times.
    • Due to NYS fire and safety codes, NO strollers or baby carriages permitted in hallway.


    • Tuition fees are due IN FULL by the 1st of each month.
    • There is a $10 late fee for tuition received after the 15th of the month.
    • There is a $25 fee for all bounced checks.
    • Payment is accepted in cash or check only.  Sorry, no credit cards.
    • Family/multiple class discounts are offered. 
    • Missed classes will not be refunded or credited but may be made up within a 1 month period.
    • Any class cancellations due to weather conditions will be credited. However if studio is open, there will be no weather related refunds/credits given.



    • Ballet and Pointe Class:  black leotard with pink or tan tights are MANDATORY.  Ballet skirt is optional and hair must be worn in bun.
    • Tap and Jazz Class:  black leotard with pink/black tights or jazz/dance pants.  A uniform T-shirt is optional.
    • Students not in proper uniform will NOT be allowed to take class.

    Warm ups are allowed to begin any class.

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